纽卡斯尔论文代写 应用心理学

2020-03-20 00:13

罗杰斯是一名应用心理学家,与弗洛伊德和荣格在他的研究中走的是同样的道路,然后他利用自己所学来发展关于人类状况和人际关系的理论,包括人际关系,例如客户和治疗师的关系(Mcleod, 2019)。罗杰斯主要关注于理解有效沟通的基本特征和人类潜能的开发(纳尔逊,L。(注:2012年,《垫子》,C. J., Potrac, P., & grom, R.)。人本主义治疗着眼于整个人,不仅是从治疗师的角度,而且是从个体观察自身行为的角度(《今日心理学》,2019年)罗杰斯认为,他的教育哲学适用于任何年龄和能力水平的人。事实上,这也许是最好的以实践证明通过他的讨论,其中包括例子从青少年到大学生的教育(罗杰斯,1969)人文方法是明显看到在蒙特梭利环境中由于学习者作为一个个体的中心不仅仅是集中在智力,但是教育整个人,通过使用一个人的利益,热情和目标考虑,导致学生的全部潜力被暴露。学生通过体验来为自己的学习负责(Sharp A. 2012)。和蒙台梭利一样,罗杰斯也是一位教育家,他将以人为本的教育方法应用于教育。(, 2019)。卡尔·罗杰斯是一位很有天赋的老师。他的方法来自于他对一对一的职业接触的强调。他认为自己是一个推动者,为参与创造了环境
纽卡斯尔论文代写 应用心理学
Rogers was an applied psychology following in the same footsteps as Freud and Jung in his work, he then use what he learned to develop theories about the human condition and human relationships, including the relationships, for example the relationship of the client and therapist (Mcleod, 2019). Rodgers mainly focused on understanding the fundamental characteristics of effective communication and the development of human potential (Nelson, L., Cushion, C. J., Potrac, P., & Groom, R. 2012).  Humanistic therapy looks at the whole person, not only from the therapist’s view but from the viewpoint of individuals observing their own behavior (Psychology Today, 2019)Rogers argued that his philosophy of education was applicable regardless of age and level of ability. Indeed, this is perhaps best evidenced through his discussion of student-centered practices, which included examples taken from the education of adolescents through to University students (Rogers, 1969) Humanistic approach is evident to see in a Montessori environment due to the fact the center of the learner as an individual is not just focus on the intellect, but educating the whole person, by using a person’s interests, enthusiasm and goals into account, resulting in student’s full potential being exposed. Students get to experience to take responsibility for their own learning (Sharp A. 2012). Rodgers like Montessori was an educator and applied the person-centered approach to education Rodger believed that trusting one’s experiences and believing in one’s self are the most important elements of self-fulfillment. (, 2019). Carl Rogers was a gifted teacher. His approach grew from his emphasis in one-to-one professional encounters. He saw himself as a facilitator which created the environment for engagement 
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