英国纽卡斯尔作业代写 侵入性测试

2020-03-04 03:11

This is a non-invasive test which can be done in your own home it can detect changes in the bowel before cancer develops it can also detect cancer at an early stage making it more treatable.Health promotion also enables people to take responsibility for their own health and help change attitudes and behaviour associated with the negative aspects of ageing. It educates and teaches people the value of adopting healthy lifestyles. It has been proven that staying active keeps your body younger and increases quality of life. Activity prevents stiffness of joints, prevents osteoporosis and gives the immune system a boost, thereby preventing colds and infections. It helps in the prevention of heart disease and diabetes. Activity helps us to keep mentally alert, cheers us up, helps prevent depression and renews energy levels. This has been encouraged through a range of physical activities such as walking and swimming.Promoting healthy attitudes to diet has huge benefit to the quality of life. A balanced and healthy diet is necessary for both physical and emotional health. Diet helps maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, reduce risk of diabetes, maintain a healthy weight and promote a positive self-image.  This has been promoted through CROI who raise awareness on a local and national level about the risk of heart disease and stroke. They travel nationwide in their fully equipped vans and provide heart and cholesterol checks.Health promotion can greatly reduce the risk of isolation and loneliness. It promotes social interactions and engagement in activities. This can improve quality of life by helping older people to maintain their independence and improve their self-worth and sense of purpose by making them feel included in the community. There are various organisations that provide these services which include day’s trips, coffee mornings and volunteering.