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2020-05-01 04:47

探讨关于遇险移民的修辞话语是了解这一现象的一种方法,但分析相关的证据也有助于理解围绕遇险移民的理论。考特兰·罗宾逊(Courtland Robinson)的一项研究探讨了朝鲜的政治和环境形势与周边国家朝鲜移民数量的关系。在这项研究中,考特兰·罗宾逊谈到了多年来朝鲜的许多问题,并用它们来描述朝鲜人的生活质量。通过这一点,我们可以推断出迁移的具体原因。从这里我们也可以理解为什么Livi Bacci提到的赌博对于这些移民来说是绝对必要的暂时把视线从朝鲜移开,还有其他国家也正在经历,或者已经经历了,由痛苦的移民引起的大逃亡。例如,在印度旱灾期间,许多人生活在粮食不安全和生计丧失的情况下。因此,许多人逃到城市或其他国家,不仅是为了躲避干旱,也是为了躲避干旱造成的金融不稳定。印度自己的人口外流可能是由于干旱,但它表明人们在移民前变得多么绝望。对于印度干旱期间的农民来说,他们在放弃并搬走之前失去了一切。因此,这一证据肯定支持这样一种观点,即贫困移民被视为试图逃避不公平环境的人们的最后手段。由于各国在移民和贫困移民方面都存在问题,它当然也引起了全世界的关注。联合国粮农组织(Food and Agriculture Organization)总干事若泽·格拉齐亚诺·达席尔瓦(Jose Graziano da Silva)在2016年的联合国大会上发言,谈到了贫困移民问题,以及关注问题根源的重要性。Graziano da Silva在演讲中详细阐述了发展中的农村地区如何提高了移民水平。他接着说,“移民应该是一种选择,而不是绝望的最后手段。”这句有力的话解释了痛苦移民的真正含义。这不是关于一个人因为不喜欢那里的条件而选择离开他们的祖国,而是关于一个地区的条件如何糟糕到可以把所有住在那里的人都赶出去。这是我用来分析北韩难民叙述的镜头。
英国纽卡斯尔论文代写 遇险移民
Looking into rhetoric discourse about distress migration is one way of learning about this phenomenon but analyzing related testimonies can also give rise to understanding the theory surrounding distress migration. One such study done by Courtland Robinson explores the political and environmental situation in North Korea in relation with the number of North Korean migrants in the surrounding countries. In this study, Courtland Robinson speaks about many of the problems in North Korea throughout the years and uses them to describe the quality of life North Koreans have. Through this we can deduce specific reasoning for migration. From here we can also understand why they gamble mentioned by Livi Bacci is an absolute necessity for these migrants Looking away from North Korea for a minute, there are other countries that are also going through, or have gone through, periods of exodus caused by distress migration. For example, during the drought in India many people lived facing food insecurity and loss of their livelihood. Because of this many people fled to the cities or other countries to escape not only the drought, but the financial instability that the drought caused. (Mishra, Archana) India’s own exodus may be due to drought, but it shows how desperate people become before they migrate. For the farmers in India during the drought, they lost everything before giving in and moving away. Thus, this testimony certainly supports the idea that distress migration is seen as a last resort for people trying to escape unideal circumstances.With all different countries having problems with migration and distress migration, it has certainly garnered attention from around the world as well. Jose Graziano da Silva, the director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organization, spoke at the UN in 2016 to address the problem of distress migration and how important it is to focus on the root of the problem. Graziano da Silva elaborates throughout his speech about how developing rural areas have had increased migration levels. He goes on to say, “Migration should be an act of choice, and not a desperate last resort,”. This powerful sentence explains what distress migration really looks like. It is not about a person’s choice to leave their homeland because they did not like the conditions there, but rather it’s about how the conditions in one area can be so bad it can push out all the people living there. This is the lens that I will be using to analyze the narratives of North Korean Refugees.
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