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一个潜在的问题与网上零售商在1999九月遇到的问题[ 6 ]。零售商是指示它的电视可以£3网站。正确的价格应该是300£。之前,零售商可以采取措施来纠正问题,人们已经定购了电视广告价格的3£。顾客是否接受零售商的报价或提出自己的报价,让零售商选择接受与否?在订购时,客户提供他们的信用卡细节,零售商可以选择拒绝这些细节。因此,假设该网站是一个邀请对待,这将是安全的,以类似的方式在商店的项目是邀请治疗。[ 7 ] 有几种即时通信的方法,可以用来传达接受要约。也许最明显的瞬间沟通方式是面对面接触。然而,在互联网是沟通的媒介,面对面的接触与网上零售商几乎是不可能的。一组特殊的规则是在地方的邮政服务,被称为“邮政规则,这是在亚当斯诉素[ 8 ]的情况下设计并允许要约将在张贴接受要约的接受。这个规则背后的想法是,一旦一封信已张贴到一个信箱,张贴信件的人失去了所有的信件控制,它进入邮政服务的控制。


A potential problem of contracting with an online retailer was encountered in September 1999[6]. A retailer was found to be indicating on it’s website that televisions were available at £3. The correct price should have been £300. Before the retailer could take steps to rectify the problem, people had placed orders for the television at the advertised price of £3. Were the customers accepting the retailer’s offer or making an offer themselves which gave the retailer the choice of accepting it or not? At the time of ordering, the customers provided their credit card details, which the retailer had the choice to refuse these details. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that the website was an invitation to treat, in a similar way as items in a shop are invitations to treat.[7]
There are several methods of instantaneous communication, which can be used to convey acceptance of an offer. Perhaps the most obvious form of instantaneous communication is face-to-face contact. However, where the Internet is the medium of communication, face-to-face contact with an online retailer is almost impossible. A special set of rules are in place for the postal service, known as the ‘postal rule,’ this was devised in the case of Adams v. Lindsell[8] and allows an offer to be accepted at the point of posting the acceptance to the offeror. The idea behind this rule is that once a letter has been posted into a post box, the person posting the letter loses all control of the letter and it comes into the control of the postal service.

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