英国教育学essay代写 课程主动学习

2020-02-05 22:40

总体而言,超过50%的课程采用主动学习,以确保学生积极参与计划的内容,并通过互动开始获取知识。遵循建构主义理论,以学生为主要角色,运用自主的交互技术从经验中构建概念(Bada et al., 2015)。学习者之间的协作也很重要,它提供了反映任务、教师和学习者之间相互作用的社会知识。为了实现这一目标,由于时间的限制,学生两人一组解决简单的基于问题的学习。学习者之间的讨论和解决问题的活动反映了评估当前问题和提高学生研究新方法和结对工作能力的良好实践(Powell et al ., 2008)。正如Powell等人(2008)分析的四个案例所表明的,问题解决学习对学生的参与和解决实际问题的能力有很好的影响。主动学习技术然后与传统的幻灯片教学交替使用,以指导学生的新概念,并产生一个分析的利益和挑战的水动力学一体化河流评估。主动学习的目的是应用不同的教学策略,以促进学生的专注和参与,并有效地刺激学习过程(Anderson et al., 2001),尽管测试学生的进步将是具有挑战性的传统技术相比。为了解决这个问题,我为会议设计了一些非正式的评估任务,以确保所有的学生详细分析并采取行动使知识变得有意义。接下来,我们会用一个小测验来让学生们回忆和反思环境问题。有三个简单的问题,由于时间有限,学生有2分钟的时间回答,然后我观察并给出正确的答案。简单的调查他们对河流健康的理解可以提高学生的学习和长期记忆,同时对学生已经理解的和教师应该修改的内容进行自我评估(Dunlosky et al., 2013)。另外,第二个视频介绍了一个新概念,鼓励学生向导师提问,激发他们自己的行动,提高他们的表现和积极性。
英国教育学essay代写  课程主动学习
Overall, more than 50% of the session uses active learning to ensure students actively engaged with the material of the plan and interact to start to gain knowledge. Following the constructivism theory, the student acts as the main character of the play to construct the concept from experience using interactive technology with autonomy (Bada et al., 2015). The collaboration among learners is also important and provide a social knowledge reflecting the interaction between the task, instructor, and learners. To develop this, students work in pair to solve simple problem-based learning because of time constraint. The discussion between learners and the problem-solving activity reflects a good practice to evaluate current issues and enhance student capacity to research a new approach and work in pair (Powell et al ., 2008). As suggested the four cases analysed by Powell et al., (2008), the problem-solving learning reveals excellent impacts in student’s engagement and ability to resolve practical problems.  The active learning techniques are then alternate with traditional lecturing using power-point slides to guide students to new concepts and produce an analysis of the benefits and challenges of hydrodynamics integration to river assessment.   Active learning aims to apply different teaching strategies to promote students focus and engagement and to stimulate effectively learning process (Anderson et al., 2001), although testing student progress would be challenging compared to the traditional techniques. To address this, I tailor the session with a couple of informal assessment tasks to be sure all the students elaborate analysis and act of making knowledge meaningful. Following this, a quiz is used to ask students to remember and self-reflect of environmental issues. There are three simple questions and students have 2 minutes to answer due to limited time then I make some observations and present the correct answers. A simple survey of their understanding of river health could enhance student learning and long-term retention together with self-evaluation of what students have understood and what the teacher should revise (Dunlosky et al., 2013). In addition, a second video introduces a new concept to encourage questions from students to the tutor to generate their own action and increase their performance and enthusiasm.
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