英国南安普顿作业代写 酒精成瘾

2020-06-16 01:31

英国南安普顿作业代写 酒精成瘾
In regards to her alcohol addiction she mentioned that she has reduced her alcohol consumptions after getting a new job thereby highlighting growth, changes and self-actualized and able to use her own judgement to recognise her problems and have to make choices well enough to create a meaningful life style. According to Carl Rogers who believe that people can only fulfil their potential for growth and changes if they have a positive view of themselves and this was seen in Jenny who have a self-directed choice to reduce her alcohol intake and also have made up her made to accept therapy, taking responsibility for her freedom.During the session I was able to let go my current understanding of what is happening to Jenny (client) in other to objectively evaluate particular moments. I real struggled with temptation to state what may be indeed quite obvious to me but not jenny, Saffron stated “we must constantly struggle with the temptation to deal with the anxiety and discomfort of ambiguous situations and to establish some sense of security in the midst of the experience of groundlessness, through reification” In term of limitation and strength, a strength is my ability to empathise, this made sure the client felt comfortable enough to open up regarding inner feelings. My ability to empathise stems from the various life experiences I have been through, in a case like this where i have observed similar depressive states in other individuals and possibly within myself, empathising with jenny felt real and not something that was forced. This was essential in building rapport with the client, this relationship was a massive part of the therapy, crucial for development. As I’m not fully trained as an integrative counsellor, it was difficult, not only to integrate multiple approaches but mainly, being couscous of my actions and my words. This, I think stem from my lack of professional experience, but I suspect will develop in due time.
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