英国护理学essay代写 护士

2020-03-18 12:31

护士在不同的环境、诊所、医院和药物治疗项目中为施暴者及其家人提供直接的护理。apn需要为患者提供同等水平的护理,无论他们是什么种族。根据美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)的数据,“从2004年到2011年,涉及药物滥用或滥用的急诊次数增加了一倍多,而涉及不良反应的急诊次数在2005年至2009年期间增加了约80%,在过去几年里一直保持稳定。”2004年至2009年期间,涉及非法药物使用的急诊次数相对稳定,但从2009年至2011年期间增加了约25%。药物相关的不良反应急诊室访问的数量在2004年是120万,2011年增加到230万,2004年非法毒品900000增加到120万,误用滥用药物的使用在2004年增加600000到140万”(疾病预防控制中心,2018)。这表明护士面临的问题越来越多。病人是护士的首要任务。高级执业护士的职责是维护病人的最大利益,在整个治疗和护理过程中维护病人的尊严。高级执业护士通过确保病人能够了解他们的健康、疾病、药物和预防药物滥用来提高病人所接受的护理质量。apn有责任为其患者做出决策,以便向患者及其家人提供适当的建议、行动和支持。apn需要通过联系有执照的社会工作者来帮助各种社区外展计划来帮助那些没有保险的病人寻找资源。apn需要帮助最好的治疗方案,而不管病人的保险承运人。apn有机会应用来自研究的基于证据的概念,以实施有效的战略,促进可选的健康,其中可能包括影响健康相关政策所需的技能和能力,使社区能够采取行动改善其健康。在服务不足的少数民族社区开展项目和采取药物预防措施是另一种选择。
英国护理学essay代写 护士
Nurses provide direct care to subtance abusers and their families in different settings, clinics, hospitals, and drug treatment programs. APNs need to provide equal level of care for patients’ regardless of their race. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “emergency room visits involving misuse or abuse of pharmaceuticals more than doubled from 2004 through 2011, while ED visits involving adverse reactions remained level during the past few years after increasing about 80 percent from 2005 through 2009. ED visits involving use of illicit drugs were relatively stable from 2004 through 2009, but increased about 25 percent from 2009 through 2011. The number of drug related adverse reaction emergency room visit in 2004 was 1.2 million and increased to 2.3 million in 2011, illicit drug in 2004 was 900,000 increase to 1.2 million and misuses of abuse of pharmaceuticals use in 2004 was 600,000 increase to 1.4 million” (CDC, 2018). This indicates an increasing problem that nurses face. Patients are the first priority of the nurse. Advanced practice nurses are in the position to advocate for the best interests of the patients and to maintain the patients dignity throughout treatment and care.Advanced practice nurses improve the quality of care the patients are receiving by ensuring the patients are able to understand their health, illnesses, medications and to prevent substance abuse. APNs have the responsibility to the decision making for their patients so as to make appropriate recommendations,actions and support to the patient and their family. APNs need to assist in finding resources for patients that are uninsured by contacting licensed social workers to help with various community outreach programs. APNs need to assist the best treatment programs regardless of the patients’ insurance carrier. APNs have the opportunity to apply evidence-based concepts from research to implement effective strategies that promote optional health which may include skills and comptencies needed to influence health-related policies to empower communities to take action in improving their health. Programs and drug prevention methods in underserved minority communities are another option.
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