英国犯罪学论文代写 性和犯罪人口

2020-04-03 04:07

英国犯罪学论文代写 性和犯罪人口
 The techniques used by sex and human traffickers in the multi-billion dollar criminal trade of humans are done so to keep from easy detection or even reporting of those that have become victims of the crime.  By targeting those that seem to be less likely to be searched for in the homeless communities or runaways this helps them make promises to take care of their captives while transporting them through their networks for profit .  Many times sex traffickers will seem to be initially trying to become close to the victims and gaining their trust, this makes them seem more trustworthy and keep the victims from reporting their captors to law enforcement.  Once the victim has been placed in the trafficking network they are constantly moved from city to city in an attempt to keep them from identification, many times making them change their appearance not only to avoid detection, but also to make them more appealing to the clients many times because of the young ages they become active in the commercial sex industry   The sex trafficking victims will develop a trust for their captors through the promises to take care of them when they felt they had nothing to gain and when these victims are illegally brought into the United States the threats of reporting for deportation constantly is used against them ever reporting.  When most people think of trafficking, whether for sex or labor, the first thought is a forceful taking of an individual against their will, but in reality many of these victims are targeted by people that have gained their trust.  This is why law enforcement investigators and other agencies have such a difficult time identifying victims of sex trafficking victims because of their relentlessness to expose their captors and the lack of training by law enforcement to detect them.
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