Human Resource Essay 代写:完整性测试

2017-02-24 13:15

完整性测试是用来确定候选人谁喜欢与反社会的工作,诚实和从事不当行为。为组织评估的态度,如考生诚信、经验turstworthiness,可靠性是非常重要的,可靠性与亲社会行为。这通常是进行直接的问题,以往的经验,如民族和完整性,也对未来的行为推断的喜好和兴趣。 完整性测试的优点 完整性测试是让考生了解的合作价值的重要。这个测试也通过纸笔或计算机化的方法,是很容易大量。测试产生有效的推断结果的组织,如库存萎缩,在处理与监督,性能和其他困难。除此之外,它不需要任何行政技能和成本效益。更不涉及结果的性别和种族比其他类型的测试。这个测试还可以通过识别喜欢缺席或从事其他反生产行为的个人来降低业务成本。

Human Resource Essay 代写:完整性测试

Integrity test is used to identify candidates who like to involes in antisocial at work, dishonesty and engage inappropriate behaviour. It is important for the organization to assess the attitude and experience such as candidates honesty, turstworthiness, dependability, reliability and prosocial behaviour. This is usally conducted with direct question regarding previous experiences such as ethnic and integrity also regarding preferences and interest about inferences of future behaviour.

Integrity test is to make the candidates to understand the important of the coperate value. This test are also done via paper and pencil or computerize method, which is easily to large number. The test produce valid inference of organization of outcome, such as inventory shrinkage, difficulties in dealing with supervision, performance and others. Beside that it is not required any administration skill and it is cost effective. Futhurmore it does not relate in result to by gender and race than other types of test. This test also reduce the business cost by identifying individuals who like to absent or engage in other counter productive behavior.
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