Finance论文代写 金融核心

2016-12-14 07:49

伊斯兰金融的核心特征是在伊斯兰金融中没有利息费用。根据道德的概念,它表明收入的公共 利益比个人利益更重要的追求 。而支付的利息费用,它的利润在另一方面,如接受其他费(Hidayat和rafeea,2014)。

在伊斯兰金融的投资与合作中,以伊斯兰法为基础的银行与客户之间的关系。他们与对方分享利润和风险。与伊斯兰银行相比,传统的银行不分享利润和风险,他们总是由客户承担。因此,伊斯兰银行似乎有更清晰和公平的客户和银行之间的关系,传统的银行。分享利润可以鼓励投资,刺激经济发展和承担风险可以更容易避免 风险(Farook和Farooq,2013)。但也有伊斯兰银行事故,例如国际石油价格的崩盘影响美国海湾  石油收入在2007,国际金融危机也降低了伊斯兰银行的正常收入(Smith,2015)。

Finance论文代写 金融核心

The core features of Islamic finance is that there is no interest fee in Islamic finance. According to the concept of morality, it shows that earning public interests is more important than seeking personal gain. Instead of paying interest fee, it seeks the profit in another ways, such as accept other fee(Hidayat and Rafeea, 2014).
In the investment and cooperation of Islamic finance, the relationship between banks and customers which are based on Islamic law. They shares the profits and risks with each other. Comparing with Islamic banks, the traditional banks do not share profits and risks and they are always undertake by customers. So it seems that Islamic banks have the more clear and fair relationship of customers and bank that traditional banks. Sharing the profits can encourage investment, stimulate economy development and both undertake risk can more easy to avoid risk(Farook and Farooq, 2013). But there are also accidents of Islamic banks, for example the crash of international oil price affected the oil income of Gulf states in 2007, the international financial recession also reduced Islamic banks normal income(Smith, 2015).