Economics Essay代写:负债经营率

2017-02-06 12:56

Economics Essay代写:负债经营率,负债经营率is the ratio of长期负债和所有者权益比例,资本和长期负债反映企业。负债经营率,较低的企业投资的大投资,the better the financial stability of the situation of enterprises,the enterprises,the long-term偿付能力强.

 Liabilities operating rate is the ratio of long-term liabilities and owner's equity, the proportion of capital and long-term liabilities reflects the business. Liabilities operating rate, the lower the larger corporate investors to invest, the better the stability of the financial situation of enterprises, enterprises, the stronger the long-term solvency. On the contrary, the higher the proportion of long-term liabilities, the greater the pressure on corporate debt service, in the the enterprise funds rate of return is lower than the interest rates on long-term liabilities, the enterprise's ability to repay long-term debt interest and principal smaller; enterprise high rate of return on capital in the case of long-term liabilities interest rates, corporate long-term solvency but will be enhanced. Therefore, according to the specific circumstances of the business, by means of the liabilities of the operating rate indicators to determine the size of the company's long-term solvency.