英国商科作业代写 08金融危机

2020-05-17 09:43

2007年至2009年的全球金融危机(GFC)源自美国次级抵押贷款市场,这并非金融体系历史上第一次崩溃;这样的危机削弱了公众对银行业的信心。事实上,英格兰银行在1694年刚成立不久就经历了一场危机。金融危机被定义为宏观或微观层面上金融经济价值的意外大幅下跌。[1]银行在金融体系中发挥着核心作用,如果它们没有得到良好的监管,就可能发生危机。银行监管的目的是将风险降到最低,保持经济稳定。GFC的第一阶段始于2007年,当时银行系统被查封。负责监管英国金融服务业的英国金融服务管理局(FSA)发布了其主席特纳勋爵(Lord Turner)的建议,目的是创建一个更强健的银行体系,以及如何监管银行。特纳的评估表明,危机始于局部的信贷担忧,接着是两家大型对冲基金的倒闭,以及亏损和流动性紧张的累积。指导和控制银行的制度被称为公司治理。财务小组关注的焦点是不受约束的贪婪和不受控制的危害,而事实证明,不良的财务小组是造成危机的主要原因之一。Walker review提出了39条建议,以改善银行公司治理的薄弱环节。GFC是不可预测的;导致了全球经济增长和投资部门的大规模崩溃。因此,各国政府的反应是引进一个新的管理框架,以防止未来危机的发生。为了评估新监管架构在预防银行业未来危机方面的有效性,我们将对现有监管体系和公司治理进行批判性分析。
英国商科作业代写 08金融危机
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-2009, rooted from the United States subprime mortgage market, is not the first time in the history of the financial system collapses; crisis like this undermine the public’s confidence in the banking sector. In fact, the Bank of England went through a crisis in 1694, shortly after it was founded. A financial crisis is defined as unexpected and sharp drop in the value of the financial economy at a macro or micro level.[1] Banks play a central role in the financial system, and if they are not well regulated, crises may occur. Banking regulations are put in place to minimise risk and maintain economic stability. Phase one of the GFC began in 2007 with the seizure in the banking system. The Financial Services Authority (FSA), which regulates the financial services industry in the UK, published recommendations by its Chairman Lord Turner in order to create a more robust banking system and how banks should be regulated. The Turner Review suggested that it started with a localised credit concerns followed by the failure of two large hedge funds, in addition to, accumulation of losses and liquidity strains.[2] The system by which banks are directed and controlled is called corporate governance. The CFG brought into focus the unfettered greed and uncontrolled hazard, and it has been proved that poor CG was one of the major causes of the crisis. The Walker review made thirty nine recommendations in order to improve the weaknesses of corporate governance in banks.The GFC was unpredicted; led to a massive collapse in the economic growth and the investment sector in the whole world. Therefore, governments responded by introducing a new regulatory framework designed to prevent future crisis to occur.[4] In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the new regulatory architecture for the prevention of future crises in the banking sector, a critical analysis of the current regulatory system and Corporate Governance will be discussed.
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