英国环境学作业代写 湿地社会生态系统

2020-06-13 21:55

英国环境学作业代写 湿地社会生态系统
 Dixon and Carrie (2016) reported that although wetland socio-ecological systems provide livelihood benefits for many poor people throughout the developing world, however local utilization strategies are required for their sustainable development in order to balance both environmental and developmental outcomes. Various NGOs and social workers are integrating local institutional capacity building into development projects as local institutional arrangements provide an effective way of strengthening peoples’ relationships with their environment and facilitating adaptive co-management. They studied a three year Striking a Balance (SAB) project in Malawi sought to embed sustainable wetland management practices within community-based local institutional arrangements and suggested that the observed declining effectiveness of SAB’s local institutions could be attributed to issues of stakeholder inclusiveness and representations; their sustainability was arguably compromised from their inception on account of them being nested within pre-existing, externally driven village ‘clubs’ whose membership and decision-making was not congruent with all the wetland stakeholders within the community. Asthana (2013) reported that Indian agriculture sector is characterized by cooperative institutions in credit, production, processing and marketing. Cooperative institutions have a well-developed structure from national level up to village level making presence in 98 % in villages of India. Farming community can be sensitized on global warming and sustainable agriculture through training and education using these cooperative institutions.Recently Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM) adopted its first set of rules and regulations for enabling the establishment of accredited stations and mutually recognized standards amongst participating countries in the region.  Regional agriculture experts comprehensively assessed standardized ANTAM codes for power tillers, misters-cum-dusters and paddy transplanters, to better promote sustainable agricultural practices in the region.
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